Astoria Rescue Mission

Changing Hearts...                                         ... Saving Lives

Executive Director 

David Newman


Director of Women's Ministries

Amy Newman

(503) 440-5414

House Manager

Bill Eckstein

(503) 791-1865

"House of Hope"

House Manager

Lori Pettit


Office Manager

 Robert Warriner


Board of Directors


Jim Ray

Vice President

     Leslee Farrow      


 Jane Francis

Board Members

George Gunn

Richard Sheldon

Dorene Sheldon

Mary Frances Gunn

George Passmore

Leslee Farrow

Bob Saari

Nikki Soukkala

Stephen Salmi


62 West Bond Street,

 Astoria, OR 97103


PO Box 114 Astoria OR, 97103


Email: [email protected]

Ongoing Needs

Milk / Soap / Flour

 Fruit / Coffee



Butter or Margarine



Salt and Pepper

Vegetable Oil



Landry Soap

Dish Soap



Feminine Products

Toilet Paper

Paper Towels


        The  Astoria Rescue Mission

is in need of chapel speakers. The service usually starts at 7:00pm, followed by dinner. Any interested persons are encouraged to speak to their pastors about representing your church. This may also be a wonderful opportunity for a husband and wife to share the love of God with the men and ladies of the Astoria Rescue Mission as they learn what it means to be a child of God. The husband could share at the men’s house while the wife shares at the women’s house. If you are interested, please call Robert @(503)325-6243 or Amy at (503) 440-5414.


              SERVICES  OFFERED


Food Boxes   

Clothing Bank

 Laundry Facilities Transitions 


 Marriage Counseling

 Bible Studies 

Three Meals a Day

Reasonable Stewardship

The  Astoria Rescue Mission Men’s Mission’s primary concern is seeing lives saved and introducing people to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and helping them to develop a relationship with HIM.                                                            

We serve all who come to us, physically, spiritually and emotionally, sharing the Love of Christ with everyone. We have daily Bible studies and chapel services, provide counseling, encourage higher education, provide community service through our “Reasonable Stewardship” program, and when each individual is ready we help them acquire and maintain employment. 

We provide showers and 3 meals a day every day for everyone. Laundry may be washed and clothing may be acquired once a week.

Every night there is a chapel service followed by dinner. If you are a member of an established church and would like to share a message of hope with the men or women of the Astoria Rescue Mission or if your church might like to take on the ministry of providing a dinner once a month for approximately 30 individuals please call us at (503)325-6243.

   Women and children and families can, respectively, find a new life and a new future at the “House of Hope” Women’s Mission and the  (Coming Soon) “Nelson House” Family Shelter.  We believe, no matter the circumstances that bring people to us, it was the Lord that guided each person to our home.

   We share the “Good News” that “in Christ, old thing are passed away, all things become new.” We share that the old life is replaced by a new life grounded on the solid rock of Jesus Christ. His love conquers all.

   During their stay, our guests will learn that past wounds can, indeed, be healed. They will participate in daily Bible studies and will be encouraged to find a home-church where they will find new relationships with like-minded Christians who truly care. 

Children are placed in school.  Parents are encouraged to participate in their children’s education and are taught parenting skills.  If needed, they will be given the opportunity to enroll in Basic Skills classes and/or GED classes.

   Ultimately, we want to see every person grounded in a lasting, committed relationship with the Lord. We want to see the parents  become gainfully employed and raise their children to follow in their renewed and reborn footsteps.